How To Clean Makeup Sponge

How To Clean Makeup Sponge

A makeup sponge is an agent that has been used for years by women to apply their makeup. Sponge applicators are used for liquid or cream based cosmetics and have gained popularity over the years. Makeup sponges are durable, easy to use, cost-effective, and help control coverage. The demand for this type of applicator has increased in recent years. This article will provide readers with guidelines for cleaning their reusable makeup sponges.

To get started, one should take a mixture of water and white vinegar in a bowl or container large enough to hold all your sponges. Simply place your sponge into the mixture and soak until it is fully saturated before wringing it out to remove excess liquid. It is then safe to squeeze the makeup out of the sponge.

For deeper cleaning, it is advisable to take a few sponges and place them in a solution that consists of two teaspoons of baking soda dissolved with three tablespoons of white vinegar or castile soap mixed into one quart or liter of water. The sponges should be fully submerged and left overnight to allow the solution to work its way through. The next day, they can be wrung out and rinsed with warm water before being set out overnight to dry naturally.

A method that is commonly practiced among makeup artists for deep cleaning sponges is referred to as the “dishwasher” method. This involves placing the sponge in a dish of water and allowing the makeup to soak of its own accord. Dish soap may be used for stubborn build-ups, but it is imperative that all traces are removed before using the sponges on clients. The sponge should then be wrung out and placed onto an absorbent paper towel to dry naturally overnight.

How To Clean Makeup Sponge

How to clean makeup sponge?

What you need:

  1.  Clean water
  2.  4 tsp of baking soda solution or soap solution
  3.  Paper towel or absorbent cloth to dry the sponge

Directions: Gently swirl the sponge in a mixture of warm water and your chosen method. If you are using dish soap, rinse your sponge with warm water until all traces of soap are removed. To dry, fold the paper towel around it and press gently to remove any excess water before putting it in a drawer overnight. Makeup sponges can be stored flat or rolled up until your next use. When rolling them up, ensure that the hair is not bunched up inside so as not to damage the material.

The best way to store your makeup sponges is flat to prevent them from getting damaged during storage. If you choose to roll them up ensure that the hair or fibers are not bunched up inside as this can cause damage. While makeup sponges come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and textures there are simple guidelines to follow to keep them clean and in good condition. By following these simple makeup cleaning techniques, you will be able keep your makeup sponges around for years.

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